Multiple Employer Plans (MEPs) 2.0: A Game Changer for Employees' Retirement


By 2021 a new breed of MEPs will be available and accessible for small to mid-size companies to offer lower priced retirement plan options to employees. The SECURE Act paved the way for the creation of MEPs 2.0, plans that allow unaffiliated employers to opt in with oversight by a third-party administrator. 


2.0 Better Than Ever

By design, plan advantages include streamlined fees and expenses, less resource burden with outsourced administrative and fiduciary roles, purchasing power similar to single payer plans and more incentives for smaller businesses to participate including tax benefits. 


How can you select the right plan for your business?

Not all MEPs are created equal. A poorly run MEP may be more costly than a single payer plan if it's not run the right way. How can you select the right plan for your business?

GGA is here to help.


Download our recent MEP primer to learn the right questions to ask your provider and understand the services and expertise they provide to manage your plan.

Primer topics include:

  • MEP Background and Benefits
  • Choosing the right MEP
  • Selecting the right provider
  • How GGA can help